So much confusion on feed, grrrrrr.........


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Apr 3, 2013
Howdy ya'll so our chicks are going to be 8 weeks on Thursday and they will be put into the coop at that time. After reading blogs, library books and personal preferences from friends i am confused.

They are still on medicated feed and i thought I could put them on the Modesto Milling pellets but their suggestion is, Layer pellets can be fed starting at 15-18 weeks of age.

Should I wait to start them on pellets? I hear about oyster shells and grit and I'm just too darned confused. So in simple terms will all you veterans give me ur suggestions for feeding. Also, do you just leave out all day or feed morning and night.

When they go into the coop on Thursday I read suggestions that said to keep them inside the coop not allowing them to go to the run for a week, would others suggest that?

Thanks in advance everyone.........

Jackie , Jason, 3 dogs and 6 chicks :)


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Apr 16, 2013
When our chicks are moved into the coop we still used the chick food, but after that we started putting adult food with the other food so the chicks would get used to it. They were confused at first but when we refilled the feeder, we put adult food in it and they caught on quickly. The chicks we have now still eat baby food because the hens won't eat it but when they turn 8 weeks old then they will be eating, sleeping and hanging out in the same coop. Also feeding the chicks oysters shells is for extra calcium, and try putting it in with the food so they get both.
Hope this helps, good luck with the chicks :)
-Chick Knight

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