So my dd's 4 & 2 entered quite a few things in our local fair

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  1. MeatKing

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    My eldest did great. My sisters husband posted a few pics on facebook.(They came with us to fair) One of her winning a secong place, saying she was just like her Auntie. A second saying "just like my mom" Because of the articles she won on. Fine, whatever.. So then my mom posts yup she gonna be just like her Auntie winning everything at the fair. ok so that's fine, the difference being Auntie is 33, dd is 4... Ok so I"m a bit jealous, that all my cousin's/ Aunts ect. are gonna be reading this. Thinking my kids are just like my sister and my mom. Not a bad thing.
    But I live a few hours away, my husband works out've town. I work full time, take care of the kids all alone. My mom has never taken both kids over night, and untill this summer had probley only seen my kids 15 times. (cause we live so far apart) So while I'm busting my butt doing everything for my kids alone. Havn't had a night out since before my eldest was born. It's being posted on fb, that she gonna be just like my sister. Who is great, but has never babysat them. Never done arts and crafts with them. I'm sure she would if the distance between wasn't so great. So why does it feel like their getting the apperication for my daughters arts n crafts. I was the one who bought the crafts, did them w/ kids, cleaned my house after all those dam sparkles, beads, glue and paint. Brought them to the fair, and went to pick them up... So how is it she gonna be just like her Auntie... grrr
    Really not to sure why it's pissing me off so much, any insights? Would you be ticked? annoyed, or am I just being silly?
    or am I just really in need of a break?
  2. Olive Hill

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Did your sister win a lot of fair awards when she was a kid? Did you?
  3. MeatKing

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    We never entered things as kids. My mom was too busy single mom. My sister enters alot now
  4. Chickerdoodle13

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    Mar 5, 2007
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    I think you are just thinking too deeply into it. A lot of times in my family people will say "Oh you are turning out to be just like so and so". I may never have met "so and so" in my life, but since I am doing something they did at one time, my other family members automatically just make that association. I don't really think they mean anything negative about it!
  5. Olive Hill

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Your sister competes at the fair as an adult? [​IMG]

    Hmmm... your fairs must be different than ours. Ours are for kids. Because of the cultural differences I think I'd be more inclined to be offended that people are comparing my kids with someone who is still entering the county fair at the age of thirty-three than anything. [​IMG]

    But in your case, honestly, you're probably over-thinking it. Your sister wins fair awards, you don't. So of course in this area your daughter who is now winning fair awards is "like" your sister. They both win fair awards.

    Remember, this isn't about getting credit for your daughter's ribbons. It's about her having the experience of earning them.
  6. MeatKing

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    Thank-you Olive Hill
    Yes our fairs are in catagores... For babes to seniors, arts, to ag, to quilting, flowers, picture taking ect.
    I probley am over thinking it, I would enter stuff if I had the time.. My sis has no kids and no job..

    I am glad she's getting to earn the ribbons, and your right it's not about me getting credit.. .I will try to remeber that [​IMG] I just wish it didn't feel like my sis was getting the credit, by have my dd being just like her..

    Yes Chicherdoodle, I belive your right.. I am thinking about it too deeply.. but I was instanly angery by this post on fb, maybe I'm just still jealous of big sister? I don't know
  7. turney31

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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas

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