So my Rouen hen duck was setting on a nice nest of eggs...


8 Years
Jul 8, 2014
Lebanon, Mo
She and her sister Rouen had been laying in a nest she made in a hole they made in a tree. Between them they laid 10-12 eggs and she started getting broody. The last 4 days she was on the nest most of the time, fluffed out and definitely trying to hatch out ducklings. she and the eggs were fine yesterday and today I go out to feed them earlier than normal and find the nest empty. Not disturbed or destroyed but completely bare of eggs, also two other eggs I have left out there to encourage the ducks or my geese to lay in a new nest were gone. My Pilgrim goose started laying early last week and now I haven't had an egg out of her in 6 days. I live in town but kind of edge of town, have 3 acres total, but fairly close neighbors. My gate is locked in a particular way that I suppose could be duplicated but if it's a human thief they are taking their time to relock the gate. This is second full nest of eggs to disappear. The first one was about 2 weeks ago and included the gooses first egg of the season. That was a nest of atleast 8 eggs plus the goose egg. Does this sound like snake or snakes behavior or a human thief? I am sad about the duck eggs but they lay a ton and I will let them try again if they wish but my goose eggs are much harder to come by and if a person is stealing them I will be upset!
What is your opinion?
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