So nervous...


9 Years
Nov 18, 2010
Crestview, FL
I finally have poults after several false starts from my girls this year - learning curve on both our parts.
The first one was out around 10 am Sunday and everyone else was out by Monday morning. Yesterday evening (Monday night) I gave the poults to the girls still nesting. It took them (2 girls) a while but they finally returned to the nest box with the poults under them.

This morning there was only one girl in the box around 6:30. Around 10 when my fiance leaves for work she was still in there! So I had my fiance place a waterer with shiny pebbles in the box with them. Shouldn't she be moving the poults around and letting them eat by now?

I am thinking of brooding them myself if she has not moved by the time I am home.

They are in a nest box inside a pen (20x 40) , 4 hens total- I separated the boys this morning.

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