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    Apr 20, 2009
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    I ordered the book of geese and storey's guide to raising ducks from Holderreads when I placed my waterfowl order. I just got the books yesterday and they were both signed by Dave and Millie, I was so excited over something so little. Also, they wrote a nice little note in each book. I don't know them very well, but all I can say is that they are the nicest people and I really recommend dealing with them if you are looking for ducks and is their website Anyone else have good experiences with them?
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    I am reading the Raising Ducks book, and I am impressed by the thorough treatment of such a broad topic. I find myself re-reading sections, so I haven't finished the whole book yet. I probably won't read about coloring (show and breeding-related topics), but, who knows? If I change my mind, it's all in there!

    Thanks for spreading the good word [​IMG]
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    Apr 20, 2009
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    I didnt read about the genetics the first time I read it, but then I finally read it and it is really interesting....definetly read that section!
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Being that I am Australia the only experience has been looking at websites [​IMG] BUt as for buying signed waterfowl books - I was more than a little excited to find my copy of The Indain Runner Duck- A Historical Guide Bought out here from a local stockist was signed by the Ashtons. I am looking for a few other books at the moment- mainly something that can help me to understand genetics.
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    Quote:Over the about ten years that I have been a fan I have only read of one complaint about them. It seems that they refused to allow an order to be returned to them by a woman that had ordered the wrong ducklings in the first place. If you know about shiping day olds there is only a short window that they can be safely shipped without food/water, they can live off the yoke from hatching for about 3 days before they start going down hill fast and die.
    Anyway Dave arranged to have the wanted ducklings shipped from the next hatch the following week at no additional charge even though he had shipped exactly what had been ordered. The woman then had the nerve to complain about being "stuck" with ten additional birds to feed. Dave arranged for a waterfowl friend to take the rare ducks off her hands and they left a 20 pound bag of duck starter feed with her. Now that is customer service! and is is also world class complaining!
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    Mar 28, 2009
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    Quote:Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, By Dave Holderread has a great discussion of the genetics of both the Mallard derived domestic breeds and the Muscovy Ducks.It was only published in softcover I think. Many of the copies purchased directly from the Author are signed. His earlier book on ducks (whose exact title I can never remember) and his older "The Book of Geese" does not have much genetic information, but lots of practical information. I was lucky enough to buy a copy of Oscar Grow's Modern Waterfowl Management (credited with developing the Pilgrim geese) that was signed by him and inscribed to the publisher of a now gone Poultry newspaper. Oscar must have known some genetics even way back then but he didn't mention them in his book.
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    Mar 21, 2009
    There are numerous sources for information about the genetics of duck colors, dating all the way back to the early 1900's. The two more recent books (even though they are not terribly "recent" really) is obviously the Holderread book and the books by the Ashtons of the UK. Really, both are simply a review of material published by other authors decades ago. Even the way in which the genetics sections of the Holderread book is structured is almost identical to F.M. Lancaster's, "The Inheritance of Plumage Colour in the Common Duck", published many years prior. I love both the Ashton and Holderread books for different reasons. You have to love how straight forward and easy to understand the Holderread duck book is (the Storey's Guide book). With the Ashton books, I love the more in-depth information and history of the breeds and varieties.

    Both borrow *very* heavily though from the earlier studies on duck colors. Even earlier than Lancaster is the research from Jaap all the way back to the 1930's (for example, this- All of them combined make for a wealth of information, even though the subject could definitely warrant further research. Every one of these books are "must haves" in my opinion. As far as the Holderread's personally, I have known them and we have bought birds from them for many, many years. Even now, I probably have 50 birds in my flock that originally came from them. I know they have had a few critics in recent years (who hasn't?), but all of my birds that I have ever got from them have been beautiful, robust, and healthy. They are not what I would consider "hatchery quality" at all even though they raise thousands every year. When you deal with them, you can be pretty sure that you will get awesome birds that meet the standard for the breed.
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    I've read Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks about 10 times. I have the genetics section almost memorized. [​IMG]

    I'm expecting a duckling order from them this spring - it's the first time I've ordered from them, and I'm bursting with anticipation! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Oh, I'll be looking up those two authors, thank you!

    I've also seen some Holderread critics, and I've always encouraged them to contact Dave directly instead of posting bad things. Never did see an update to any of those threads. Bothers the crud out of me when I read someone complaining about sick birds and then they don't contact the breeder. It makes me think much less of their claims.

    Most of our flock is from Holderreads and I have an order in for 16 more. Dave, Millie and Wanita are fantastic people to deal with and are always helpful. I'm lucky enough to live within driving distance of them so I can pick up my birds directly. Dave always comes out to chat and show the details of the birds being picked up. He's also shown me how to clip wings so they can still qualify to show, and how to deworm. He has great stories and is a wealth of information. I imagine I'll continue to buy waterfowl from Dave for years to come and will encourage others to do the same.

    goosedragon, I've been meaning to buy that book by Oscar Grow, does it enhance the waterfowl library, or are the topics mostly covered in later books by Holderread and Ashton?

    Speaking of books, I've been trying to find a book that's more directed to the veterinarian about waterfowl... anyone have a suggestion?
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    Mar 28, 2009
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    Quote goosedragon, I've been meaning to buy that book by Oscar Grow, does it enhance the waterfowl library, or are the topics mostly covered in later books by Holderread and Ashton?
    I regret to admit that I haven't read Ashton. Holderread does better on Ducks and Geese than Grow IMHO, Grow covers Swans that Holderread doesn't. Since Grow is hardcover and long out of print I would Not spend the time and money required to replace my copy. does that answer your question. I bought the book for two reasons, I wanted to learn how the Pilgrim breed was developed (not really covered) and the old lady was giving up her library for health and money reasons and she wanted to find a good home for her beloved books.
    I am starting to get to that point myself in life. I gave away my huge colection of old Science Fistion books when I was forced to give up my farmette and move to smaller quarters because I hate to think of old friends going to be recyclled....

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