So not happy with my mother right now

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    May 31, 2008
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    So DD told my mother last night she is pregnant. My mom left me a nasty message on FB telling me how stupid DD is and this will ruin her life. Am I happy about DD? No, but am I about to tell her she is stupid? Um, hello, no. I had her when I was barely 21. BF dumped me, college was put on hold, and chaos ensued. Did it ruin my life? Not at all. Was it hard, yes. DD and the babies father are gonna try their best. They already have a little 1 bedroom appartment, she has a part time job, he has 1 and is looking for another. He is also finishing EMT school. They want to get married. My mother has royally ticked me off today.
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    I hope this was a private message, not one your daughter will see. I guess you have the option either to ignore/delete the message, or to reply something along the lines of "Your opinion has been noted." [​IMG]

    Speaking from my own experience, I'm guessing your mother will come around.

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    My mom is a "peach" as well. [​IMG]
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    At least the BF is finishing his EMT and he will be able to find a good job by the time the baby is born and the experience LOL!

    Let your mother steam herself off, and I think they will be fine if both of them shared the common goals, making do what they have and most of all, have their families support them by loving them and guiding them and be patient with them. Tell your mother as long she talks to you nasty, you will not listen to her. Remind her that it is her great grandchild they are expecting and accept that it is going to happen.

    For you, congratulations! You wont stay mad for long. I know you got your experience in hand if BF decided to bail out which I don't think so.
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    May 11, 2010
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    [​IMG] She's just mad she's going to be a great grandma. [​IMG]
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    May 21, 2010
    Well I wish her and her boyfriend the best. Some of the most amazing and wonderful outcomes in life are the ones that are not planned. Good luck and congrats on the news. [​IMG]
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    If you DD is 21 and on her own, then why does your mom have the right to be so cruel. I was married at 18, by choice, didn't get prego till over a yr later, on purpose,planned and had my first DD at 3 months before I turned 21. Was life easy, hell no but when is life easy? Would I change it, No.

    Congrats to you and DD.
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    Mom needs to learn to edit before letting things in her brain go out her mouth or fingers.

    Having your first baby is a HUGE learning experience no matter what your age is. She's got the support of the baby's dad and her close family, I have no doubt she'll do just fine. [​IMG]
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    No worries DD seeing the FB message. But, my mom also mentioned to DD a week ago that she had a dream DD was pregnant and "if" she were to get pregnant right now, it would ruin her life. Great, thanks mom. I think most of our worries is DH and I cant help out financially, and neither can they. DD wanted to go back to school but that will have to be placed on hold for awhile. Right now she wants a better job so they can save as much as possible. She only works about 20 hours a week, and he works about the same. His mom helped out with the deposit on the apartment, same complex shes in so shes 1 building away. DD hasnt told DH yet. He's the one shes most worried about. She doesnt want to disappoint him.
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    Quote:She'll start to cry and so whill he. But it will it will all work out in the end. Give you DD a hug from me and tell momma if she can't say nothing nice to keep her big mouth shut.

    My Mom got pregnant her Sr. year of high school. "Good Girls" didn't do that back in the early 50's. My Mom is a good girl and my Dad is a stand up guy. Who married my Mom and went on to have 4 more kids after my brother. My parents have been married 58years!

    My sister is a good girl too. She was engaged to be married, but her fiance' didn't want a baby. My nephew was born 5 days before she turned 18. She has never found anyone she loved as much as his father.

    My nephew is an awesome kid. He loved his girlfriend but things didn't always click. After a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed baby girl came along, they married. A little boy came along 9 years later. 12 years of marriage couldn't fix all the problems that had always been there. She crossed the line and it's all ended. Now he fights to keep those 2 kids close bye.

    There isn't always a fairytale ending. But with all the things that happen in life, you do the best your can. I wish your daughter, her boyfriend, and most of all the little one making their way here the very best that life can bring them.
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