so now I have a broody question


11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
Wasilla, Alaska
I have this hen who is broody has been for about 2 weeks.... I kept trying to break her but she wasnt falling for it. so I decided to let her have her way.... I gave her 3 eggs from the bator that are due next friday. so here is my question..... after the chicks hatch could I take them from her? or will she try to kill me. I have 5 other hens in the coop with her who are not the nicest ladies I ever meet. so I am concerned that they will kill the babies.....and they are already sold. so I just want to know if I take the babies from her will she stop being broody? or will she keep at it?
she'll certainly be upset if you take her chicks away from her- it's like having your kids taken into care or something.
If you're worried about the other chickens attacking them, maybe you could put her in a different section of the coop.
Good luck with her hatching!
I understand that maternal instinct in the chickens but I am worried that she will get beat up and the others will hurt her babies....I would love to see if she can fend for them as that would be super cute!!!! I might have to section off a area for her!!!!

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