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Oct 16, 2018
Hello everyone!
My name is Ivan (43 y.o.) and I'm from Croatia, EU. I'm firefighter for living.
I do have chickens and they are part of my life since childhood. Chickens on my little farm are Lohman Brown and Croatians (last is domestic standardised, on Croatian language it's - Hrvatica). I'm also interested in raising quails.
Beside chickens, beekeeping is my second love. Both is for relaxation, but with small amount in - income is very nice. Always fresh and tasty eggs and sweet sweet honey for my family.
My hobbies are woodworking and camping, what includes campfire cooking and howling at the Moon.
Married, with kids.
Found this site accidentally.
Here I am to learn something new, see chicken coops from the others, maybe become a friend with some peoples like me, and last but not unimportant - to improve my English.
See you around!

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