So sad!


15 Years
Jan 12, 2007
Ludowici Georgia
My Millie D'uccle was sitting on 11 eggs 2 hatched now shes not sitting on the rest
5 are pip and I can hear them moving around but the rest don't seem to be doing anything. My problem .... I don't have an incubator What do I do? I don't know how long she was sitting I just know they where supposed to hatch this week sometime. Last time she hatched at day 19. Please help!!!!
Ok this may seem strange to you, but i transported near hatching eggs and week developed eggs in a soft sided cooler with a heating pad in the bottom, covered it with a slightly damp dish towel and zipped the top closed with my thermometer/hydrometer inside, and once it was nice and warm i cut it back to the low setting and it held the heat and temp really well. >i have a power inverter to plug it in in the car< You just have to keep an eye on it and unzip it if you have a temp spike I've read of people making incubators out of crock pots and electric skillets too. I'd say candle them and figure out some way to keep them warm and moist and hope for the best. Good luck.
Well... After I posted I was so worried I went out and brought the eggs inside in a little basket with pine shavings, I got the light that I usually use for the brooder and set them under it. Not even 15 min later one hatched and the ones that were not pipped(?) started to
Now I have 2 chicks 4 pipped and 2 not pipped but making noise and 1 with no movement or noise Wooo Hoooooo
Thanks guys for your ideas!!!!!!!!! NOW....... Do I put them back with their mommy?
my concern here is the humidity. the ones that are pipped and zipping need to be in a high humidity setting to keep from becoming shrink-wrapped in the eggs and thus unable to hatch....
My opinion...I would not put them back with her. My experience is if they go "off the egg" they are not likely to be broody with the bitties. Some one else might have had a different experience. I would make a little brooder for them out of a plastic tub or a big box. There are MANY great ideas for brooders here on BYC. Good Luck
sparkles2307 I read on the forum to wrap them in a wet paper towel and it seems to be working. Another is almost out and the other 3 are working hard!

I'm a little worried about the 1 chick, he seems to be dragging his butt instead of walking.

CatDaddyAlbert she has the 2 that hatched under her, But you are right I don't know if I want to take the chance of her killing them after we worked so hard to
get them to hatch. Hatching eggs is exhausting

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