So this is odd....


9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
Laurel Montana
So I have some laying hens one is the sweetest Silver Laced Wyandotte. Well I purchased her in montana and she laid for a few weeks the stopped so I figured shorter days, stress and possible molt No biggie. Well we moved to california and brought the girls Got her on a Wed night and by sunday night Girls were in their new coop.

Three days later they were putting themselves to bed in their new coop...I was suprised haven't even been here a week by that point.

So I let the girls out this morning and they like to jump the fence of their temporary run so they can dust bathe in the shade no big deal. Well today I got out and my Welsummer and Columbian Wyandotte are out and my little silkie is of course stuck inside the run cuz she can't jump it but there's no Lacie...So I look around and I hear banging around in the nest box.

Now i haven't had eggs in weeks but here is lacie sitting in the nest box on the two wooden eggs. So I go look at her and usually when she lays she goes to the box with the eggs and pushes them out but here she is sitting on them. So then she walks out of the nest box and is tidying up around the coop picking up random shaving and things then goes into the nest box again and is rearranging....She is a year old... SO I'm hoping either she is going to lay an egg or .....maybe going broody?? Which would be fine I just ordered some eggs to incubate but its just a little odd and my other young girls are squating for me now So I have 3 squaters 1 who is molting one whose not 1 squatter who use to lay but isn't right now and another whose molting but is too stuck on herself to sqaut for people like me lol
This does sound like the start to broodiness...but I would not know from personal experience. I have young hens that have layed for about 10 days now and my breeds rarely go broody, but it certainly sounds as if she wants to do so. Keep an eye on her for a couple of days, and if she is always on or near the nest it is a good sign for broodiness.
she did lay an egg....but I just think its the odd behavior that has me a bit odd...she never does this usually she kicks the golf balls or fake eggs out not sit around and prep the nest so we'll see what tomorrow brings for us.

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