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My DH had to go into work at 8 this morning because he had court. I have a dr.'s appt. at 10:45 and it's an hours drive to the doctor. Can't afford to cancel the appt. because it will take 2 months to get another one.
I've been up all night with Charlie dog. We managed to get her to eat two "cookies" around 2 AM and drink a little water.
My DH carried her outside this morning to go potty and carried her back in. She yelps a little when he picks her up.
I tried to talk to him again this morning about how maybe we shouldn't spend the money on x-rays and just go ahead and put Charlie out of her misery instead, but he still won't listen!

He's convinced she just needs the right medicines and will be right as rain. He's a little upset with me for what he calls my negative attitude.

I'm sorry. I know y'all are probably tired of hearing about Charlie dog, but I have no other place to vent.
wow hard spot for you... but from what i know.. this will only end up being YOUR fault if this is what you say to him:

we shouldn't spend the money on x-rays and just go ahead and put Charlie out of her misery

just hang in there. if you kill a man's dog - no matter the reason - its going to be a long hard sentence for you. let him do what he thinks is right and dont try to manage him. even tho you are probably right... the best gift you can give him is to let him handle it.
I know. But Charlie is actually MY dog. He's just gotten very attached to her since we've been together. I guess since it's his money that we're using for the vet bills I should let him decide. She's just hurting so bad that I can't stand to watch.
We lost our GSD dog in April. It was 5 days after my birthday.
When we rushed him to the vet first thing in the morning, the vet told us he was dying. This vet was wonderful. We had the option of trying a surgery to fix what they thought at the time from his xrays was a tumor. He told us we wouldn't be charged for anything if he didn't survive ( the odds were against him) If he did survive, the surgey would be 400 dollars.
We decided to try the surgery, and the vet put Sampson on an IV while waiting for surgery. They let us stay with him in the back, kept us and Sampson comfortable. Unfortunately, Sampson didn't make it to the surgery. Everyone was crying including people at the vet office. At least Sampson wasn't alone.
We had expected our bill for just having the xrays would be astronomical, but they didn't even charge us for that. The vet asked to do an autotopsy, which we gave permission for, and it turned out he had an ulcer that burst. This office also kept Sampson until the private cremation, and even called to check on us, and sent a greivance card. This vet office was amazing, and found repeat customers for life.

I know places like this are far and few between, but maybe there's one near you that is willing to be flexible, and caring at the same time. I understand what it's like to lose a canine best friend, and what you guys are going through.

I can empathize with your husband because numerous times I've said, "...Next time I'm taking my dying, suffering dog in to be put down." Talk is easy, but I was never able to do it and always felt guilty later for not following through. I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on HOPELESS cases. Oh, well, the mercenary vets got rich.
What I'm saying is... You're right, so stick to your guns. Pay no attention to your husband; we guys are weak kneed when it comes to our dogs. Do the right thing!
I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie dog. I have had to put 3 old dogs down over the years and my hubby wouldn't come to the vet with me. I had to make the decision and take them myself and held them in my arms and cried as they passed. It never gets any easier.
Good luck with your dog and my sympathies.
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By the time I get back from the doctor my DH should be out of court. He can't have his cell on in the courtroom.
Charlie is worse now than when he left. Her breathing is very labored.
I've made up my mind. When I get home, I'm going to call him and ask him to please let me do what is right for Charlie.
I can't lift her to get her in my jeep, but I know a neighbor I could call that would do it for me and I'm sure the vet's husband would carry her in for me.
Thanks for the support y'all. I'll let you know how it goes.
Sending hugs your way, I know this is hard.

My neighbors are going through this as well. She would like to put their dog down, he's old and quite sick. He keeps pursuing the next medical option. It's hard when you are on different pages, with anything, but especially so when it's about someone you both love!
i'm days from making the same decision. my wife was ready two weeks ago but i'm not and the dog's in no pain. i know, selfish.
understand your husband is not ready. maybe today he'll come around but you have to let him deal with it on his own terms. good luck.
Charlie deserves the love and respect and to be free from pain and suffering. I know your DH isn't quite ready yet, but it sounds like it's time. Maybe it will be easier for him if you handle it and he's not there (with the help of the neighbor). I know you are both hurting but you are putting Charlie's needs above your own and your DH needs to get to that point, and fast, because Charlie is worse now.

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