So today turned out to be a good day for me...


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
Southwestern PA
Work was hectic and I was so frustrated with customers and coworkers. So I come home to find a letter from UPMC and..I got accepted into the UPMC Nursing program, yay, I am happy and nervous I really don't want to go back to school. Best of all... my ducks decided to start hatching 3 days early! I love days that go from crap to wonderful. I love baby ducks
They just fuel the fire
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lol little duckies are even better than a $20 bill in your pocket. IT was nice because it was such a crappy day and so was yesterday too. I had this guy who was older than my grandfather trying to hit on me and call me half way intelligent because if i was intelligent i would have hit on him first...umm how bout no you are too old and i'm married! Grrr frustrating old guys...don't get me started lol!
congrats! What a blessing that letter was.....mmmmmmmGood after rough is soo soo wonderful!

A great day..Congrats!
no... don't you get ME started! ew, that's just nasty and wrong. It's one thing to flatter a young lady and it's another thing to be a complete creepy putz.

oops, you hit a nerve with me.

think lil duckies... happy little quackies... ok, so they still peep but I can call them quackies... yes, lil fluffy webbed footed babies... that's better... innocence wins.

A toast... with what ever beverage we all are sipping... coffee, tea, soda... raised... to new beginnings... nursing and duckies!!! clink clink clink

wooo hoooo! Congratulations... way to go!

Thanks I know I get disgusting guys all the time, I will be so glad when I can finally quit retail and work in the hospital full time! It just sucks that I already went 4 yrs of college and couldn't get a full time job and am still paying those loans back.
just thought I would warn you that I have heard some bad things about working at upmc. my dad works for them, and he is unhappy, they are very reluctant to promote anyone. he was supposed to be promoted years ago, but he never was. and for this reason, people in his department are leaving in droves. it could just be a problem in his department though. but I also know people who are completely happy with their jobs there. I hope you end up being one of those people.

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