So Upset, getting rid of my peas


9 Years
Jul 31, 2010
Centrel PA
Lost another peahen......first my black shouldernow my white....... gonna get rid of em b4 I kill them all. Anyone interested in PA?
What happened if you don't mind me asking? Just hold on, don't give up hope yet!

I started feeling helpless when Dragon and Pip were killed. I didn't want to watch all my birds die and did even question if I wanted to keep on keeping peafowl, but I am not gonna get rid of them I will keep on fighting for them. My parents even talked about if I got out of keeping peafowl how they could convert the peafowl pen to a dog pen.
It is a bit hard when you lose some, especially when you don't have many to begin with...Just remember all the good times you have had keeping them and don't give up unless you seriously can't stand having them anymore.

I have always had some sort of great dream but they would never come true, they would come close to coming true but not totally like getting a horse. Then after seeing peafowl again after so long I fell in love with them again and then found out you could own peafowl. I spent so much time learning and trying to convince my parents I wanted peafowl and trying to go to any place with peafowl just to see them and I got so close to getting peafowl and had that chance slip away that it made me so sad and it wasn't until maybe two years later that all in one amazing day I had a pair of peafowl picked out and since then I have been living my dream...Of course since then I have added on stuff to my dream like hatching a peachick, which I got to do, and so many other things. Sure losing peafowl is NEVER on our list for things to happen, but they do pass some younger than others. I hope you don't have to get rid of them...If you do I hope you will get peafowl again someday.
I am sorry for your losses.
x2 Well stated, MinxFox. I hate losing any critters, I try to make sure that they have a quality life while they are with me. But sometimes... things happen
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We will try to help you but we need information. How old are they? Where are they? Any signs of sickness? Nothing really just dies, there has to be a sign something is wrong so lets work on it together. It might be something stupid that is curable and your getting rid of them for nothing. Let us help you
Dont give up you may regret it later. Help is always here and losses are given. Even though they may be hard to deal with it happens to us all eventually
well, probably not getting rid of them, just feel like it.

my BS got less active and not eating too well. I got her about 3 months ago ,she was just 2 years old
. I wormed her with Ivomec.,all of them actally,
.Last week, I noticed she had 2 brocken toes,they were swelled,I put a splint on them,by the way was a real trick, and gave a shot of Tylan 200. She seemed to be getting better, started eating better too. I had her seperate and it seemed to be working. then my daughter went out to feed one night and she was gone.

we live in eastern PA, the weather is.....ok....for PA . no storms or severe weather.
now 3 days ago my white started to lay around, she was 15 months old. I wormed them when my 1st ,Cher, died.

they are not too tame,so when u go in the pen,they run from you. she always got up and acted normal when i went in.
This morning,she just layed and looked at me, i went right over and picked her up! which would be wonderful if they let you!
so 3 days and she died in my arms .....gone,my beautiful white. Her mate is still crying and honking for her, it breaks my heart.

she did have some loose poo on her.
What color was the loose poo? How did she feel when you picked her up? Thin or like she had enough weight? Is there any chance that you can open up the one that passed today and see if you see anything inside? (Or have a friend do it if you can bring yourself to cut her open). And pay particular attention to what the liver looks like...
her poo was lighy brown,tannish,not yellow. she was too light,I feel I let her down and killed her............

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