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Being an old lover of Mother Earth News, but finding myself inextricably stuck in the wilds of suburbia, I have always dreamed of "blowin' up the T.V." and "movin' to the country", (with all apologies to John Prine). Since my wife had grown up with a few chickens, and a crazy rooster that liked to steal beer cans at picnics, when the topic came up over dinner one evening I thought "great"..."what could be simpler".

Having now spent the last several weeks reading 'How To' books and blogs, scouring on-line purveyors' lists of breeds and supplies, consulting with possibly affected neighbors, county officials, a forest ranger and various sundry other nitwits I have come to the conclusion that once again...nothing is ever half as simple as it first seems.

How are we gonna train our decidedly under stimulated Aussie Shepherds to respect the chicken and not attempt to constantly herd, or adopt them as chew toys, as they do everyone and everything else (children, squirrels, rabbits and the occasional passing automobile)? To what extreme of hubris will I succumb in a vain attempt to whip Mother Nature into submission while attempting to nature proof my chickens' suburban digs, (even though we aren't 'country' we still have numerous hawks, fox, coyote - this was news to me, feral cats, possum, coons and all manner of small mammals)?

My family and I love animals (to a fault...we already have way too many) and desire to provide them with the best environment possible. Unfortunately my wife and I both appear to suffer from some strange morphing of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the pursuit of "good enough is never Good Enough". These things generally do not meld well with the random designs of nature. Maybe our chickens will help unwind that tendency? if I can just figure out how to circulate the solar hot water through the perches and keep the geothermal coop cooler running...
from a little homestead with 16 hens and 15 day old chicks in the Philly 'burbs!

It is a little overwhelming in the beginning, but start small. I have a tendency to overanalyze and overengineer things sometimes too, but its important to let the animals be animals. That said, I'm a big fan of the chicken tractor for letting them scratch at fresh ground every day while still protected from their predators (dogs included). It has worked out to be a good compromise for me. Good luck and have fun with it!

BTW do you have a lot of children and eat a lot of peaches?
You think thats rough my wifes idea of talking about having a few chickens, was sure hun will talk oh by the way I stopped and picked up 4 chicks would ya mind finding how to build a coop care feeding watering...etc here you go took couple hours got basics reading BYC and chickens for dummies,that was last May.and I hate to admit it but im hooked.just dont tell her:p
from California!

This is THE best forum, ever, for chicken-keepin' folks. You will get information on how to do something right, how to fix what you did wrong, and have a wonderful community of informative, helpful, enabling, supportive and just downright fun like-minded people.
from South Carolina! This is a great place to meet people and learn about keeping chickens. I started with 5 and in less than a year I have 21, and we just had 8 chicks hatch this week! I LOVE chicken math! I have been having so much fun I even started a chicken blog!
Everyone here LOVES pictures, and remember there are no dumb questions! I look forward to hearing more about your flock as it grows!
from Alabama. Love your intro
You're in the right place; BYC has lots of great info & friendly people. Good luck on your chicken adventure

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