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    And no pips, no peeps, nothin. I cracked open one of the banty eggs, and the chick was alive, and the blood was still fresh. It should still hatch, I used the same method on one of my other chicks. I cracked a Wellie egg, and it was VERY dead. What I need to do for the project that is due tomorrow is weigh hatched chicks. If they are dead, but fully formed, then I can weigh them, but if they are alive and not hatched, then I don't know what to do! Should I crack open another Wellie egg, until I find a live one?
    P.S. The experiment compares the starting weight of the egg with the hatched weight, in bantam and standard eggs. If worse comes to worse, is there anybody out there that has an average measure of bantam and standard eggs at hatching? Preferably Cochin bantam and Wellie standard?
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    Please help! All of the Wellies died! So gross, so sad.
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    maybe i missed this, what is this experiment for? Why would you want to crack them open to find a live one? Chicks will come out when they are ready to hatch.

    I know its due tomorrow, but its not your fault the babies didnt hatch when they were due .
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    Well, awhile ago I had given up on some eggs, but wanted to see how far they made it before they died, so I might be able to find out why they died. I started from the eggshell, and the chick in there was still alive. It hatched a few days later.
    This is what I'm doing with one of the other eggs. I was willing to sacrifice one egg to see if the others were worth waiting for I never was able to see anything on the Wellies, but they were all feathered and stuff when they died.
    Does this make more sense?

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