so what's the merit in using a separate bator for hatching?

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    you still have to clean it. actually, using a separate hatcher means you have to clean TWO units instead of just one...............

    you have to buy it!! unless you make your own, but let's leave that aside

    can anyone help. i have one hovabator genesis 1588 and have been wondering about getting another. I have not yet done hatching, btw..............
  2. Hi! The advantage for me is I can set fresh eggs every 7 days and have chicks hatching weekly.
    The *incubator* should never need cleaning (unless there is an accident).
    The hatcher gets cleaned weekly after hatch is done and the new group of Day 18 eggs get moved right in.
    At least that's the way I do it.
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    I clean the incubator once a month. I clean the hatcher after each batch of new babies. I can hatch LOTS of babies like that.
  4. Hi Enola! Haven't seen your posts in for ages! Great to see you!
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    Since I'm in a similar situation, I"m going to jump in here with my question. I'm about to set my first hatch this week - using a Hovabator 1588, too. I only have the one bator - so no option to put the eggs anywhere else on day 18. Could I cover the bottom with paper towels on day 18 to cut down on the hatching mess? Would that work?
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    Humidity control is a bonus also.
  7. Quote:Paper towelling or plastic wrap works well --- just don't block the vent holes.
    Staggered hatching (setting eggs weekly) does mean there are different *age* eggs needing different humidity. Incubator humidity can be 45%-ish and hatcher humidity can be 65%-ish --- and everybody is happy.
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    I have a incubator and hatcher. And its so much easier then the LGs I had before. If you hatch a lot then its the only way to go. I like them mainly because I can stagger hatches and keep the humidity just right for lockdown and incubation. You won't know how great it is till you try it! [​IMG]
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