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    Apr 18, 2007
    I have read many conflicting opinions on what and how much to feed goats. First I hear feed horse and mule mixed with very little alfalfa pellets yet offering free-choice hay. then I hear to feed very little grains and mostly hay and still yet I read mostly alfalfa pellets, very little grain, and free-choice hay but only if they are preggers or producing milk. So all of my goats are standard size goats. WHAT should I be feeding and HOW I'm SO confused... [​IMG]
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    Nov 16, 2007
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    Mostly a nice quality hay, roughage is what ruminants were designed to eat.

    If you are feeding lower quality hay, then you can supplement with alfalfa pellets.

    We feed second or third cutting nice quality alfalfa. Most of the time we don't use alfalfa pellets.

    The ones that get grain (alfalfa pellets are not grain) are:
    late stage pregnancy does
    lactating does
    bucks in full rut + servicing does
    any that are thinner than I like
    any kids that don't grow well on hay alone

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