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    Dec 13, 2016

    Its my first time hatching eggs. I bought 28 assorted silkie eggs and 11 serama frizzles on ebay. They were mailed to me and then immediately taken on a plane for 9 hours. I rested them for 30 hours and put them in a Hovabator with automatic turner.

    There was 2 cracked ones, with small cracks so as someone suggested I sealed the cracks with candle wax.

    After about a week, there were at least 18 that didn't develop at all.

    By day 14 there were some that had started but didn't continue, some with blood rings.

    In the end I ended up with 17 developing eggs.

    The temperature has remained steady at 100-101 degrees as prescribed and humidity at 40-50%. There have been no overheats or cooldowns.

    I noticed one of the eggs I sealed with wax was smelling funky, I threw it away.

    The other seemed to be developing and seemed ok, though a couple days ago, there was some leakage.

    Anyways, today is day 20 and it seemed like one egg, the one with wax was hatching. But turns out a bunch of worms came out.

    I'm so disgusted.

    I've removed it and cleaned the water and the other eggs are back inside. They don't seem to look like the pictures of the day by day of eggs and I could never see them moving.

    I'm super worried that they have all been contaminated and won't hatch.

    Any thoughts? I couldn't find this posted anywhere. I'd appreciate any advice.
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    [​IMG] Sorry for your predicament. The only thing guaranteed is that the next couple of days will tell the tale. Good luck.

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