Soap Makers Fall Swap (BOXES SENT!!!!!)


12 Years
Jan 22, 2008
Boxes have been sent out!

I thought I would just go ahead and make a new thread.

This is a swap open to all soapmakers here on BYC. Please reply to this thread only if you would like to participate, no pm's. I will keep the sign up open till September 1st, but if there is a large number of participants we may need to split into two groups(I'm talking 20 or more people). I'll add your name as you reply.

We'll run it the same way as the last swap. Wen the swap closes I 'll send you a pm with my address and the total number of bars to include (you will be sending a bar for yourself that you will get back.) We will be using a flat rate box from USPS. You need to include money for sending your box back and a pre-made label. If you don't want to include cash I'll do paypal too.

It will be up to you to get you box here on time. They will be due no later than October 14th! I'm in Texas. I'll let you know how many bars to send too.

Bars should be full sized and atleast 3.5 oz in weight. You can send 2 guest sized bars if you want. Please include all ingredients but you don't have to include the recipe. That way people who have allergies can be aware. And don't for get your name! We want to know who all the lovely soaps are from.

Theme is Harvest. Do whatever you want with that

1. Morgaine
2. Brandytab
3. RubberChickenLubber
4. Chiknwhisperer
(box is here)
5. TM Chickens
(box is here)
6. Breconbcs
7. Cheeptrick
(box is here)
8. Nana Kat
(box is here)
9. Run-A-Muck Ranch
10. ametauss
(box is here)
11. Dun Chick
12. Badhbh
(box is here)
13. AK_Button_Mama
(box is here)
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Add me! I've been secretly lurking on the soap thread and have been inspired. My first batch came out very nicely, if I do say so myself
It was soo fun to go through the pages of your last swap. Did anyone by chance take pictures of the whole lot of soaps? I would sooo love to see what they all looked like after hearing so many good things about them!

I am a soaper wanna be. Can I sign up now, try my hand at a couple/few batches over the summer and if things turn out well I'm in? If it doesn't work out well I'll let you know well ahead of time to take me off the list and I'll watch by the sidelines, again.

I think I better head over to the other thread to get as many more tips as I can!
I didn't take pictures of all of them unfortunatly, but thanks for the idea

Personally I say more the merrier and good luck with your soaping adventure and we are all her to help you with your new found addiction, I mean hobby.
Ok...I'm in this time! I'll make sure I soap enough this summer so the website does not sell out like last time!!! I'll subscribe to this to keep me reminded. (-:

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