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    My son's socks are gross. After a few wearings the bottoms become hard. No matter what I have done they are stiff like he has worn them and never washed them. What can I do to make them soft again?
  2. first, buy him some nice cotton socks. then, put some vinegar in the rinse cycle of the washer. that should keep things better.
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    Jul 22, 2008
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    Is he walking around with only socks on? Either barefoot or slippered, then.

    Maybe it's something in his shoes? Get a new pair of insoles in there to see if that helps.
  4. fosterchick

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    I have tried the good socks and vinegar in the rinse cycle. He only wears the socks when he is wearing shoes. We just bought him new shoes and socks and 2 weeks later they are stiff again.
  5. I use Spray-n-Wash on my boys socks. Spray and let it sit for awhile before washing. I also wash socks in HOT water. He probably has sweaty feet and all of that isn't getting washed out.

    Another thing that helps is hanging them out to dry. They get a little stiff from air drying, but the sun helps to kill bacteria and fungus that washing won't remove.

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