Sodium Sulfamethazine & Coccidiosis - what to feed

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10 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Okay, so I had a sick chicken, finally found a Vet that treats chickens. Took her to the vet this morning she has Coccidiosis and possibly a bacterial infection. So I was given the sulfamethazine to treat(2 tablespoons to a gallon of water), she’s been drinking a bit of water but not a whole lot, and I’ve tried to encourage her to drink by taking a dropper and dropping it along the sides of her beak. The vet said not to drench cause it may go down to her lungs instead since she’s kind of poorly.

So pretty much my question is, how much of the water is she going to need to drink to see an improvement? And she’s not had much interest in her crumble. I had been feeding some scrambled eggs, but wasn’t sure if it would be okay to continue with that since she’s on this med. So, what can I give her to entice her to eat that would be ok with the meds?

She seems like she’s still trying to fight so I wanna try and fight with her. 🥺
You can make a mash out of her crumble with the medicated water & see if she'll eat that. Think like oatmeal consistency.
Does she eat the scrambled eggs with gusto? They're a great food for poorly chickens! Be sure to keep her hydrated too. I currently have a very sick hen who I believe had coccidiosis and now has an infection (she's on antibiotics too) and I understand how stressful it is. Keep going for your girl. :)

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