Soft Shell Egg Problem

Rex Mom

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Mar 10, 2009
Castro Valley,CA
I am hoping someone can shed some light on this. I have a Buff Orp. hen, around a year old. She and the rest of the girls went into a molt around the end of September. Of course that's when all egg production went to practically nil. Still sporadically, one particular hen would lay a very soft shell egg. She's also done this in the past off and on. Now molting has finished...all their combs are nice and red again. I have another hen that has gone back to laying daily. No problem with her shells. Today I got a thin shelled thin that it falls apart. The unfortunate aspect to this is that all the hens want to pick at the egg. It is something I don't want to encourage. What are the chances that this hen will ever go back to laying hard shelled eggs? And YES they are on layer feed and have a large crock of oyster shell next to their feed bowl.

Thank's for any suggestions or comments-

Thank You! Since she has layed these type of eggs in the past I think it may be a poor egg shell gland. Now to figure out exactly which hen....ugh.


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