Soft shelled eggs


Jun 9, 2015
Fremont county Colorado
One of my pekin girls has been laying soft shelled eggs for several weeks now. Before this they were very rare between the two girls i have. Shes 15 months old, so not a new layer. They have been on purina layena since POL, with free choice oyster shell at all times. We have had her since she was about 5 days old.
She appears healthy and happy, no behavior changes ir change in diet. Some are so fragile the fall apart when trying to clean up, some are leathery.
Im at a loss at what, if anything i should or can do for her. Our other hen is laying like clock work as usual.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance! Let me know if any pertinant info was forgotten.
I have a few Runners who sometimes need extra calcium (they are on layer with crushed oyster shell on the side). When the shells get thin, I crush a calcium citrate tablet and give the patient about 125 mg in a couple of tablespoons of peas. I reckon that they eat about 80 to 100 mg worth when they eat the peas.

I do that for a week or so, then stop and see if that has been enough to get them through.

Sometimes if there are three or four ducks with soft eggs, I also boost everyone's intake by sprinkling the powder in their food, at a rate of about 50 to 80 mg per duck.

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