Soft shelled eggs


Nov 6, 2021
Sydney, Australia
With the calcium pills, I did it for about two weeks, but nothing. I should probably continue them for a little longer, but it’s so hard to catch her! I don’t think I should breed from her, especially since she won’t lay anything (I can’t). But I think the pills, for more minor issues, would work. Thinking my hen’s is just so severe that nothing helps much. Tell me if yours ever lays anything!
So sorry to hear it didn't help :( Mine is just laying soft and thin-shelled eggs at the moment, but never had any issues before this. Really hope a calcium booster will help her!


Aug 7, 2020
I did manage to get the calcium plus D3 pills and I bought the petite ones. I am on day 3 of giving her one a day and I already see improvement. I am leary of giving it to her for too long because I dont want her to get too much calcium if that makes sense. I figure I will give them to her for about a week or until they look normal and then stop.

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