Soft shelled eggs

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    Feb 13, 2012
    Hi guys n girls

    I'll try and tell you all i can. Got 5 hybrids about 5/6 months ago and have fallen for the feathered egg laying machines. All has been great up till now. Eggs production has started to go down to 3/day average where as 2 weeks ago we were getting 5/day this is fine as we were expecting them to slow down in the cold weather. We noticed yesterday that our normal brown type chicken (im sure there is a more technical name for Flo) was not acting herself, we checked on her last night at about this time and found near her an egg with a very soft shell. She seemed fine this morning and started to eat. when i got in this evening she was very subdued and seemed a bit down. we have just checked again and she has just laid another soft shelled egg.

    Any suggestions/help would be grateful.


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