Software to design coop?


9 Years
Feb 2, 2010
Boulder, Colorado
Is there any free software that will tell me exactly what size to cut the wood, etc for my coop?

I'm new to building and I'm basically framing it like a house or nice shed. I have 2 big windows (2'h x 4'w) and a house sized door going into an 8x8' coop.

I'm afraid I have no answer for you, but DANG I think that's a great idea! It'd be so neat if there was a program that could customize designs, size according to needs and then prepare a shopping list. Hope you find something that will help, I'm no builder either!

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Most anyone who is in the home building business can give you a material list and and cutting list for a building to the size you want. I do it with my customers when they ask. I build my coops simple as I can. You sound like you know what you want and have some great Idea's ask a local builder to help you or I will help you as much as I can
I saw a post last night (sorry can't find it) where someone used google sketchup to design their coop. It was very neat! If you look up sketchup they do have a professional version they sell, but there is a basic edition you can download for free.

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