SOLD - 5 Wood Eggs - OH.

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Jolly Acres

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Jan 31, 2009
Paris Twp., OH.
I have two sets of 5 Wood Eggs for sale.
Eggs are 2-1/2" tall, smooth and easy to clean.
These are great for encouraging first time layers and will help to show hens where to lay.

$7 for one set of 5, includes shipping anywhere in U.S.
Post sold and Send PayPal to [email protected]

Here's a pic of the wood eggs with a chicken egg.

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sold. i will go shoot you a paypal right now!
I hope these wooden imposters help your chickens! I bought some at Pat Catan's and my hens just pull them out of the nesters and roll them around the coop! I haven't given up all hope - I keep putting them back hoping they will get the hint!
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