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Apr 19, 2008
Franklin, IN
I think I need some empathy! I didn’t have a very good early hatch this year, so I was aggressive and had a huge late hatch. (with eggs still in the bator…lol) Needless to say, I was/am overran with birds right now. So, I took 20 or so of my late hatch chicks to Auction last night. I did this just because I really didn’t have the time or the space with cold weather approaching to sell them to an enthusiast that could really appreciate them.

I do feel a better knowing that almost half of them went to a fellow BYC member that is rebuilding her flock. And I think she got some good birds, and a good deal. But I am sure the remaining birds went to people who have no idea what they got, or just want the birds to resell at the local flee market, with no idea of the care and effort that has went into these peeps.

I knew I wouldn’t get much money for the birds at auction, (and they sold for crap bird prices)but I wanted to get something because my 9 year old really helps with our birds, and our deal is he gets half the money from selling them. So I had to get something to keep him interested and excited about learning and helping with our birds.

But what is killing me, is I had two almost 2 month old Cochin trios that sold for a total of $18.00. All six for less the price of 1 bird. Actually, I think I paid $45 per bird for my original parent stock 3 years ago. I am thinking now for this price, I should have not taken the easy out & found someone who needed / wanted them, and told my boy we sold them, and just gave him a the $45.

Ok, I ranted and raved and feel better now!

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