SOLD MY ROOSTER!!!!!!!! Finally!

Chicks R Friends NOT Food

10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Chariho RI
Well.. I didn't exactly sell him. I begged my dad's friend to take him and she finally gave in. I've been trying it has to have been 2 months by now to get rid of him. He is now Happily relocated. He lives on a farm where I can visit him all the time. He has 4 goat friends, plenty of treats, he free-ranges and has more grass and bugs than he could ever eat. He is the ruler of the barn. Gets fed first, chases goats if they try to steal it. He guards them too, sits outside their pens at night. I am so happy for him.

There are 2 problems in my happily-ever-after:
1) he thinks that he's a goat now.
2) I think he believes he has died... He used to be all retarded and stressed out. No balance, held his head funny. As soon as I let him out (of the container I brought him in) there he was just fine. Like he was in heaven and had no imperfections or sometihng like that.

I almost miss him, but he's too happy for me to want him back!

Just had to share my wonderful news!!!
You just lucked up with a friendly rooster. I have never seen such a thing.
If you have seen the movie Cold Mountain where a rooster kept Nicole Kidman "tore up" then you have some idea of what I have endured.

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