Some days


Corrupted by a Redneck
10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
my city origins show through.

OK, I raise leghorns and rhode islands for eggs, buffs for broodies. Last year my daughter wanted easter eggers, my husband said no, so of course, I went and bought a few babies (check my other thread with the coop pictures- he loves me;) So, I only have one easter egger left, the other have gone by the wayside. I have never in a year gotten an egg from this thing. The others were not GREAT layers, and they were for fun, so I never paid much mind. Couple days ago I saw some pictures on this board of easter egger roos. I am an idiot- I think I have a roo- which would explain the lack of eggs, now wouldn't it???????

I am an idiot. A happy, pleasant idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. I have been raising chickens for about 4-5 years. Idiot I tell ya.

Just thought ya'll would enjoy that one- my hubby sure did!

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