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Jul 30, 2010
NE Indiana
are so wishy-washy! A friend's (co-worker's) daughter came into work yesterday with a teeny tiny kitten and was asking people if they wanted it. She drove to a town about 20 miles away to get it on impulse, and it wasn't working out----she said her 7 mos. old daughter wasn't as thriled about the kitten as she thought she would be. I finally relented to a bit of ribbing such as, "I knew you'd take it!" and "So, where did you put the kitten?" Well, I had to drive my bus route, and wouldn't get back until about 4:15, so the girl said she would bring the kitten back to work then----it was 95 here yesterday.

Well, I get back from my route, and couldn't find my friend's daughter-----I waited out in the hot parking-lot for half an hour-----I thought maybe she got the time wrong. I had left a message for my friend (she was still on her route) and when she called me back, she couldn't apologise enough. She said her daughter had decided to give the kitten to some girl because her daughter was fussy and the kitten was "freaking out". I just don't get some people. Well, she is awfully young----I guess I'll give her that.

By the way, the girl said the people told her the kitten was 6-7 weeks old-------looked more like 4 weeks.
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I dont understand people who get pets for their kids that are 7 months old.. Like that kid is going to care!

While Ill admit Ive gotten a few animals on impulse (maybe a goat, after Ive already had them and some chickens) I dont try and pawn them off on people..

Young really shouldnt have anything to do with it. I can see bringing home a stray puppy when youre 10 and that being young but... old enough to have a baby??
Well, it really worked out for the best in the long run (at least for me, I don't know about the kitten). Another co-worker called me up the next day and asked if I was still looking for barn cats-------her BF was delivering papers early that morning, and found 2 kittens that had been dumped on a busy road. They're older than the other kitten, and other than needing wormed, they seem to be very healthy.

Here are their pics.----taken today in my goat barn:

Nova and Rocky



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