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    I have 4 ducks... I also have a goose. His recent...uh.... interest in my ducks indicates A.) that my ducks are mature and might start laying eggs or B.) that He is mature and indicates nothing about the ducks at all....

    Also, in regards to duck eggs, I've heard that one doesn't boil them due to freakishly frightening layers that develop... so is it one duck egg to 2 chicken eggs in a recipe? 2 to 3? How about scrambled? Do they taste really different? would my husband notice?

    Sorry if these are questions I should have figured out 6 months ago when I got the duckies, I never really thought a lot about it until it seems like it might be happening soon!!! Please help!!!
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    i dont know much about the goose issue. i have fed my duck eggs to lots of people and they all said they tast the same as chicken eggs. 1 duck egg to every 2 chicken eggs when bakeing also i like 2 chicken eggs for omlets scrambled eggs whatever but only use 1 duck egg. they fluff up a lot and are really big compared to a chicken egg.
    i would bet if you made the eggs for your hubby and didnt tell him he wouldnt have a clue.
    hope that helps
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    I answered about the gander in your other thread.

    As for the eggs, I have made devilled eggs from the duck and goose eggs, but they need to be several weeks old and you need to spend a lot of time chipping the shell off and carefully peeling the membrane a little at a time. But if you have the patience, the rich yolks make the best devilled eggs!

    I love to bake with duck eggs. And over medium with die for.
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    I've had good luck steaming duck eggs for 20 minutes and then plunging them into icewater until they are cold through. Older eggs work best, like terrielacy said, but I have used eggs less than 1 week old with this method.You just have to be very careful.

    They are the best for baking. I tend to just swap 1 for 1, it makes cornbread, bread, etc. extra rich and light at the same time.
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    We love duck eggs. We have given them to neighbors and they all are getting addicted. I agree, they make great (and large) deviled eggs. I have the best luck in putting them in ice cold water after boiling, cracking them UNDER water on the bottom of the pan, especially the large end, and leaving them to cool that way. I then peel them under water.They usually peel well for me using this method.

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