Some questions about egg peritonitis

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    Oct 8, 2010
    I was wondering if anyone on here knows if a hen can recover from egg peritonitis on their own?

    I have a another hen that seems to have the same symptoms of a hen I lost earlier this year. The hen that had it and died, did so probably from shock after my vet preformed surgery on her. I hear that is common with chickens since they are prey animals (natural mechanism to protect the animal from suffering) and that surviving surgery is like 50/50 chance.

    The hen that is ill now has a large abdomen but she has been hanging in there for quite some time. I decided not to have surgery done since chances are I would loose her also. I was though, thinking about getting some antibiotic for her. I'm wondering if that would clear it up? She does not lay eggs anymore. She is about 2 1/2 years old. This problem started about 3 months ago. Wondering if anyone can give any suggestions for helping her. I may decide to have her put down, but for right now, she gets along fairly well. I'd like to try something to help save her if its not too costly.

    As an antibiotic can I give her Tylan 50? Duramyacin 10? Or is there another over-the-counter anti-biotic I can give her?

    Also, does anyone know what causes it? Are there preventative measures that can be taken? I hear it is common.

    Thanks for any information and help.

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