Some things never change


Opa-wan Chickenobi
12 Years
May 11, 2008
Howell Michigan
I draw social security. That would indicate that I am beyond full grown, considerably beyond. Might even be classified as an "Old Rooster" yet tonight I was going to go outside to work on a chicken coop and my mother is telling me, "Don't you think it's to late to go out. Well, if you going out be sure and put on mosquito repellent". Suddenly, I'm 9 years old again.
[/img] When do mothers decide you are grown up? lol Seriously, when my dad passed last year my mother was totally lost. They were married for sixty five years. Fortunately, I got her to agree to move in with us. She mentioned how it would be nice if we had a few laying hens, so I decided I'd build a coop and get her 4 or 5 hens. I'm sure most of you know how that went. We now have 37.
Every day she will go down to the coop and check on the birds. Friday we had 4 blue Andalusians hatch and then on Saturday we went to Fowl Fest, then Bronners and Bavarian Inn for lunch. We had a delightful day. Still she couldn't hardlly wait to get home to check on the babies and to see if anymore had hatched. Nice to see her excited about life.


11 Years
Jul 23, 2008
South Carolina
That is nice that she still is able to enjoy the chickens.

My DH and I wanted chickens, too, but we also wanted my MIL to enjoy them. My FIL died 2 years ago, and she's been pretty miserable since.

Right after we got the barn finished, she got really sick and had to go to the hospital. Now she's home, but too sick to even go see the chickens. Sometimes I carry one down to the house to let her see it. And, tonight, I took her the first egg to see. It really brought a smile to her face.


11 Years
Sep 8, 2008
North Carolina
Nice post.
My mom always tells me. No matter how old you are , you are still my baby.
I'm way to old to be a baby but it is nice that someone cares for me unconditionaly

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