Somebody is not laying in the nests....

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    My 11 chickens are 7 months old. They started laying in late September/early October. At first found a few eggs in the run or on the floor of the coop, but everyone seemed to get the idea and soon all eggs were laid in the nests.They have been very good layers.....5-8 eggs per day for the past two months. However, for the past 3 days, "someone" has laid their egg on the floor of the coop under the nest box area. All other eggs are in the nests. Any ideas on why that "someone" isn't using the nest? Don't know who it is or when it happens. They have access to four nests but generally lay in only 2.
    Will appreciate any ideas on what to do to stop this. (my first ever experience with chickens)
    Thanks in advance

  2. Sometimes if all the nest boxes are full or if there is a 'top of the pecking order' hen in the box they will lay somewhere else to avoid her. Sometimes a few of my hens will lay under the roost or even in the run if that happens. It's hard for it not to become a habit. Occasionally (and I don't know if others have this problem) my two roosters will get in the nest boxes and make come hither noises but all it does is keep the hens out as they want to lay and not be mounted. I found one in my run this morning, no reason at all for it to be there as the boxes were empty save for two eggs. Sometimes I guess they just do
  3. PS I only have two big nest boxes that can take two hens each and I have thirteen layers yet they all want the one furthest from the door. I use plastic eggs to encourage them to use both or... once two eggs have been laid I put one in each box. One of my hens will ONLY lay if there is an egg there already otherwise she parades up and down the fence line frantic not sure wht she wants to do
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    Maybe you had a late bloomer? My hens are 7 months old and just started laying.

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