Someone crowed! Please help identify...


8 Years
May 19, 2011
Hi all,

I have two possible culprits. A blue orpinton hatched from an egg under a broody and one from a hatchery that I got with a few others to raise with my orpington. Mom adopted all of them, which was great. Anyway, the other one that I suspect is a roo is the black one with the big white splash wings, who's an EE. I think that my blue orpington is definitely male because he developed comb and wattles WAY ahead of anyone else and is quite red, but I'm not sure he's actually the one crowing.

I went out this morning and played a rooster call, trying to get someone to crow for me. My blue orpinton payed attention, but my black/white EE payed hard attention and then took off running for the other end of the yard. I think I ended up scaring him. The others just looked. Anyway, here are the pics. They're not fantastic but just what I could come up with this morning. There's a group shot at the end showing their development in relation to the pullets.

By the way, anyone know what breed the little red one is? She was supposed to be an EE, but obviously not.

Thanks for your help!
It sure looks like the EE has rooster tail & saddle feathers, and the reddening comb. The red looks like a RIR or production red. How old are they?
I'm thinking the orp and the black and white are both roosters, pending knowing the age.

the red hen is a generic red hatchery bird.
The black and white one - is it an EE? Look at its tail feathers first - Roosters have those beautiful tails that fall over - That Rooster has feathers starting to bend down. Also look just behind his head at those long skinnier feathers that look sort of like a lions mane. those are another roo trait. Does he make funny noises when you put out treats calling the hens over and let them taste first?

My Guess is that gorgeous Black and White one with the Black EE face.

Agree on the pics being a bit too distant, but the black/white one appears to be a roo. The red one could also be a New Hampshire Red. She looks similar to my NH's.
I'm with everyone else. I see both the thinner feathers on the neck, and near the tail (saddle) of the black and white one. He's definitely a roo.

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