Someone dumped a Turtle/Tortosie

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    Some Dumped a "Terrapene ornata ornata" on my doorstep.

    (male- pictures will go here later, its storming now and my camera batteries are charging)

    (his carapace has sunburst yellow markings, his plastron is hinged and has the same pattern on it, he has four toes and rad eyes of an adult male, his arms are yellow and he has yellow facial striping - his growth rings on his sell indicate 12-20 growth seasons so between 6-20 years (depending on how he was kept) He is people friendly coming to an outstretched hand and looks for food).

    He's not a FL Box Turtle- I had just a couple seconds with an expert from the herp society in FL. (didn't have a chance to get care instructions or if I /should/ keep him)

    Yes he's legal for me to keep. (I can have up to two of the Genus Terrapene per person (age is irrelevant) in the household we are three people total)


    I have him in an old python cage that has been converted to other animals (rabbits for a time, brooder for chicks).

    It is three feet high

    It is a Hexagon with the back panel wood and the front panel the door.

    The perimeter is (as close as I recall) as follows 1*1*3*1*1*3 in feet. The widest part is I think four feet, the deepest is three feet.


    I put a cleaned out cat litter container (plastic) with bedding, and put a four inch layer of shredded aspen bedding (its all I have on hand sunday evening and its supposed to be reptile safe)

    I Have a 'kitten litter pan' (plastic) that was never used for such, I filled it with water for wading/soaking

    I have a 4 inch porcelain dish also with water (deep put to small for him to get into).

    I have 1/2 pound of non chemically treated clover and the like also powdered rat food.

    The cage is 'facing ' south so we get morning and evening sun but none at midday, no more then half of the cage is ever receiving full sun.


    A friend is coming over with the 'super safe' reptile wormer tomorrow

    What have I missed?
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    Jun 4, 2011
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    They can be fed aame as box turtles, so worms, berries, raw meats, canned pet foods, leafy greens, etc. Some love bananas.
    I never kept wading water in their cages, they just messed it and I didnt want to risk chills. I put mine in a warm bath in the tub every other day.
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    May 26, 2009
    This may sound crazy, but its possible the turtle escaped from someone. A friend of mine had a big turtle they kept in their yard with a great hut/habitat, they fed him really well, and cared for him for years.

    One day he dug his way out of the yard and they did catch him down the road a bit. Then later he found another spot to dig and never was seen again. They found the hole he escaped from, but never found him. They were so upset [​IMG] .

    And then there was the turtle my son had as a pet. He took him outside one day to play with him, got a phone call, ran inside without his turtle, and in about 20 minutes, turtle was gone forever. I am still pretty upset about that. NOT responsible of him OR me. I felt I should have been more on top of the situation, but he is 12 and I have 4 other children to look after so I get distracted sometimes.

    Turtles can and do escape ocasionally, if they are left alone in a yard or unsupervised. Maybe if the one you found is acting friendly, its because someone lost him, not dumped him. Unless there is no earthly way it could have made it into your yard or your porch without 'help'.

    Just tossing that out there....

    Pretty cool of you to accept responsibility and to be so careful and thoughtful about it though. [​IMG]
  4. 6chickens in St. Charles

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    Mar 25, 2009
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    In Berwyn Illinois, I once rented from people who inherited a tortoise from a Grandma! The animal was at least 80 years old. They claimed it was getting dementia.

    One day I came home to find the police and my landlord's family all in a tizzy, searching for the tortoise who had wandered off. She was found a block away, furiously digging up somebody's rose bush. She wasn't much bigger than a boot, but she was very much adored by a few generations of family.
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    -suzettex5- Thanks, and good thought, I'll look into it.

    -6chickens in St. Charles- Oh, these guys can live 50 years or so- good thing they found that one this guy is young between 6-20ish (years) according to his scales 12-20 growth seasons.


    Well the herpers said most pet turtles with people "in the know" have marked scales, sometimes a hot glued tag with info sometimes a tiny place with "nail polish like stuff" (AKA "reptile tag") on the caprice (right hand side behind the arm usually). A child's pet or non herpers may not mark their turtles as such.

    Also I looked for 'cage damage' from starting life in an aquarium or other unsuitable setup.

    (I couldn't tell for sure if he had any cage damage, he is NOT calcium deficient looking, not in shed, no scars or damage- very healthy looking, normal turtle poops.)


    Other notes-

    It has rained hear for 10+/- days, no sunlight to speak of.

    They are building a 2.5 lane road outside.

    He is NOT the native type of box turtle (according to the expert) and unsuited for wet environments, (carolina carolina OR carlina bauri are both possible in Jacksonville) or I guess I'll post flyers - his owner will have to tell me something special about him.

    Did I mention the cage is outside?

    He's only 'boxed' (retraced into shell fully) once that was when I was wiping him down with a warm wet rag - handling him even his head and arms he is untroubled.

    He is very fast ('cooter' -aka- Red ear slider fast) and active.
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    May 26, 2009
    Quote:Definately sounds like it was someones pet. Maybe a CL ad would be an option? I guess if no one wants/owns him, you just came up on a really nice new pet!

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