Someone dumped Scovy's on our property


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It was such a nice mor ing today here so I was enjoying the quiet laying in bed listening to the ducks mutter from their houses. I "thought" there was an off noise, but the dogs were not alerting so I took my time getting coffee and heading out for morning chores. As I head across the pool enclosure I see all of these very LARGE black birds in our side yard just outside where the geese are turned out at each day. At first I wondered why the buzzards were in our yard. Then a male lifted his head and I could clearly see we had a flock of black and white mascovy sitting there. They were muttering about, a bit confused, and not wanting me close. They did however figure out the lue feed buckets brought good things in them.

We spent the day taking treats to them as they wanted nothing to do with coming inside the fenced area. They are toe punched, becoming more trusting, but still loose tonight. We have a large U shaped lake/pond so they have spent the day exploring it. Tonight three (male and 2 female) came back "close" and are roosting on the dock.

Will continue to take feed out to them in hopes we can give the, a safer spot to sleep than out in the open. Will take the camera out too and get some photos. They come swimming and talking when I shake a feed bucket. Even if on the other end of the water.
Thanks Julie, they are sweet, hope they learn we can be trusted. Our son dispatched two coons in the last two days. Both out running around mid day. Glad he is a good shot.
that horrible about the duck being dumped! how many are there?

i would be scared out of my wits if i saw a coon running around mid day. i was once chased by a rabbid ground hog
fomeing at the mouth and everything! SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH!

good luck!
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Thanks DG, there are 9 ducks all together. Hoping to get them all regrouped tomorrow since they spread out.

Raccoons are dayurnial so it isn't uncommon to see them in the daylight. One was running across the front yard. The other was in the top of palm in a nest.
i hate coons
my neighbors chickens were all murdered by those monsters!
then again she didnt ever lock them up so im not surprised.

if my ducks werent locked up they would be GONE!

will you be keeping them? do you know their sexes?
Hope you catch them! I'd be giddy with excitement and already naming them if ducks magically appeared on our property. So are you gonna keep them?
When I was little I used to go to my grandparent farm and feed the coons cat food but them they got thi little jack tussle named Tigger and a big Elk hound named Mojo and they like to 'empty' skunks as my uncle says. They will kill anything, including cats, rats the size of cats, coons and small deer.
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I dont believe you... you would post this WITHOUT pictures?!



LoL Ryan, spent all trying to earn their trust. Then saw the toe punches when they started coming up on our dock. Maybe pictures today, hoping they survived the night ok.
We will do as much for them as the birds let us. I did see most of them this morning as the sun was coming up. So will feed them and hope they continue to do well.

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