Someone eating chicks


May 13, 2018
We've had two tries this summer with broody hens, the first time eggs were found broken or missing and I just thought they were no good or exploded.... But last night I went out to the coop and found a chick hatching under our broody hen, I left her alone with it and figured she could handle it, I put up a small barrier between her and the rest of the birds, nothing secure but I thought would deter them away... There are 6 hens and 1 rooster in a large coop with large run.
I came back the next day after work and there she sits on her egg but no chick in site :( the barrier was knocked down...
Now I think someone has been eating all of them, and that mama is not protecting them... Can chicks survive in the coop with the big Birds or do they need to be separated right away?
Mine survive just fine with mama in the big coop. But sounds like you may want to separate yours mama may not be as protective as my broody are. If you separate it will also help you see if it’s someone else in the coop, mama, or a complete different animal.

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