Someone pronounce D'uccle for me


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Oct 10, 2008
West of the Mississippi
Ideal poultry pronouces it "Dee Uncles" I thought it was "Doo Clay" but was told that is incorrect too. I thought it was French?

So...some of you show people, how do you pronounce it???
i will try to pronounce it like i hear it from breeders thou i might not translate it correctly......da ooocle..or du uucle...cle is sle du uuusle long u.
if i remeber right the belgium would say du clay
Wickpedia says du clay, origionating from the town of uccle..
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Once you in the US you can pronounce it however you would like. Here in Oregon we have a town called The Dalles, -- The 'dIAls' like the soap in plural , in Texas it would be The dail ESS .....

the 'd' of d'Uccle basically is a very soft, touch only 'da' as in "of" the region of Uccle "uckhul" kinda =:~)

I prefer the french way as the bird is so pretty to have a name that sounds like a big wad of phlegm

du Cleigh'

that's my opinion today


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