Something happened to my eggs yesterday.

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    First, I only have 7 hens of laying age so I don't get a LOT of eggs anyway. Most days I get at least 6 though (since they will occasionally alternate a day off). Two of my girls are in a separate area in the house since they are little (one bantam and one just a runt I think). All the chickens stay indoors until I am home for the evening and won't be leaving again, then I let them out for freerange time. All the eggs are generally laid at that time or sometimes I may get one more. Yesterday I got two eggs from the two girls in the separate pen. That was it. It was sunny and pretty, they have plenty of light and air in their house with lots of big windows. This has NEVER happened. I think something or someone had to take them. We have a resident black snake (well over 5' long) but she couldn't get in unless the door was open. I haven't seen her yet this year, but it is getting late enough for snakes to be out. Is it possible she is actually hiding out in there somewhere or would the chickens freak out? I am going to do a serious search for her in there today (including in the little attic part) but I really feel it may be human in this case. *sigh*

  2. Look up. Black snakes usually enter via the eaves and they can support themselves up to 10'. Snake could be sleeping above somewhere and coming down to feed once or twice a week when you're out. Be sure there is no snake inside then block all openings, especially any broken or damaged vents and under the eaves...they're very strong.
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    Quote:I agree..

    I was helping my dad clean out his shed early last spring. We were dragging everything out, sorting, and organizing. I was dragging his pair of skis down from the top of the shed, when a 5' black snake fell 2-3'' from my face! LOL

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