Something I learned about rearing mixed flocks


8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
I had twenty four 2 week old baby chicks 4 of which were silver sebright bantams 2 white chinese goslings and 2 rouens and 2 black runner ducklings I come home from work to find the brooder totally soaked No food No water and alll the chicks ducklings and geese huddles in a corner screaming there little heads off as I dispersed the crowd of cold hungry thirsty wet chicks I found two of the silver sebright bantams either frozen crushed or starved to death in the corner so I picked up the little guys and put them in a little box and I had to throw them in the trash because the ground was frozen and under 4 inches of snow I had to spend the next three hours cleaning out the soaked shavings filling there waterers and feeders and replacing there bedding while at the same time trying to nurse one of the cochins and one of the two surviving silver sebright bantams back to health but I succeeded after a good hour of drying the little chicks off and feeding them I saved them and they are starting to return to normal as I write this So just a warning to anyone who is getting little cutey wutey bantams DONT BROOD THEM WITH GEESE AND DUCKS the stupid things soaked my brooder and the second thing is don't trust someone else to feed and water your little babies while you are gone I still love my little ducks and geese though so there forgiven I have the top to a rubbermaid container that I place the waterers on now to catch some of the spilt water Now I really want to order some more bantams but the only hatchery that has them is cackle and they have a 25 chick minimum but If I do end up getting some more I think I'll get some black tailed white japanese bantams and some silver penciled cochin bantams overall I'd brood bantams with bantams and not mix them with standard chicks I'm always afraid there gonna get sat on one to many times buy my big light brahmas and on that note I actually ordered 5 silver sebrights but one other one got crushed in the box these little guys just cant catch a break
So sorry to hear about you losing some of your chicks.
Thank you for sharing your story though, you might have saved another chick's life.

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