Something is not right with is chick..


5 Years
Sep 11, 2014
There is definitely something wrong here :( She has 2 feathers pointing forward. Well, pointy hard things where there shouldn't be. Also the other wing feathers aren't normal either. I'm attaching pic's of her and a normal chick. Has anyone seen this before?

normal chick.same hatching.
Those look like silkie wings. If the chick has black skin, five toes and feathered legs/feet then I'd say that is a partridge silkie chick.
This link has a picture that looks a lot like your chicks feathers

This is a picture of my white silkie chicks wings. I though for sure that I had done something wrong and he was going to be deformed for life!

This is a buff chick. Doesn't show the wings as well as the white chick.
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Oh really! Well the mother is unknown so that is very possible! It's the only one of 6 from 1 hen. Thanks for your help :)
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