something is tell me to help


8 Years
May 1, 2011
my duck has been trying to pip through the membrain since yesterday about 2 pm and still no progress today something in my head is telling me he needs help

how do i put a internal pip in for him
im going to wait till 2 pm thats 24hrs if he hasnt peaced the membrain by himself im going to make a small hole 2-3mm in the air sac shell to see what state the membrain is in

what am i looking for :

clear :good
white :bad
my hum is 60/70 as i also have chickens in there i have the duck egg sitting on a damp cloth nknowing they need slightly more hum then chicks i notice him trying to push the membrain yesterday but still hasn pearced it today so im thinking it my be abit hard for him so im thinking put a hole in the shell to see the colour of the membrain if it a bad sign ill put a tiny nic in the membrain for him

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