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Jan 21, 2017
Started out with just 1 chicken. I thought it was from a mean rooster. We have since found good homes for the roosters but now i have 2 more chickens with this happening to their backs. I will be searching forums but i thought i would go this route as well. Thank you for any help. I love my ladies!!
That is from the rooster mating the hens. The feathers get rubbed off or broken off if the hens are mated too much.
Thank you very much for the feedback. I was concerned it was mites or something. I checked their coops for buggy things and I didn't notice anything. They spend a majority of time roaming the land and bathing in dirt. It was just odd to me that it was only 1 Hen and then it went to 2. I did get some Feather Fixer additive for their feed to see if that would help.
Roosters will favor certain hens and mate them more so there are some that will lose feathers faster. Feather fixer probably won't help until fall. The only thing that may help is removing the rooster. Otherwise you hens will be okay unless they start getting wounds, but I personally have never seen that.

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