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Aug 14, 2009
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Hello everyone... I think i might have an illness... Its not full blown, its more of a touch and go... and its really getting on my nerves, and I dont know what to look for when I research it... Im baffled...

It is not species specific so I cant post it under chickens, peafowl, or pheasants...

But I wanna kill it before it does more harm... so if you can help me figure out what it is and how to treat it, I would greatly appriciate it...

In the past 60 days, I have lost: and by lost i mean died.

Green Peacock
Cameo Peacock
Elliot Male Pheasant
Arucana Rooster, so far..

and my cockatiel male looks sad.

Here are the signs... and they varyed from bird to bird

Green Peacock - Was Mega Skinny, treated with Tylan 50 for 3 days, and a de-wormer, lasted 1 1/2 weeks since treatment 1st started
Cameo Peacock - Was Sad, treated with Tylan 50 for 3 days, Died on the 3rd day,
Elliot Male Pheasant - Was Sad, treated with Tylan 50 for 3 days, and a shot of antibiotics, Died the 3rd day,
Arucana Rooster - Spots on his face and sad, treated with Tylan 50 for 3 days, Lasted for 2 months then died,
cockatiel - is Sad, and started treatment with Tylan 50 for 3 days starting today.

In the past the Tylan 50 did the trick and everything was fine, and now... I have no clue... For me 4 birds is alot in 60 days
well, u say sad... and when i think lethargic, i initially think parasite, especially if u said one peacock was skinny. I would deworm specifically for coccidia, then I would wait a week or two and deworm for all other intestinal parasites. U didnt specify what i dewormed with i dont believe, so that would be my first advice. Do some prevention for everyone else. and good luck to you.
Sad - To me sad, the animal looks depressed, head down, not very energetic. over all, Sad,

The deworm I used, I dont have the name as Im at work, but its a little blue pill... not that it helps, but thats all I know off the top of my head, Ill have to check when I get home.
Coccidia isn't a worm.

If you suspect coccidia, I believe Sulmet is the way to go.

If you want to worm chickens, I would start with Wazine. Use it per the instructions on the bottle, adding the correct amount to their sole water sources for 24 hours, and then replacing it with fresh water. You want to discard any eggs for two weeks after treatment. For other worms not covered by the Wazine, you might want to use something like Ivermectin, but that is off-label use, and there are directions that you can find by searching this site. (Don't scramble the medicated eggs and feed them to the birds or dogs, etc.)
Watch for other symptoms while you are worming, sometimes it is so difficult to separate out one illness from another in birds.
You probably should also check for mites or lice. Dusting with Sevin is a recommended treatement if you find any of those.
Good luck with your birds.

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