Something temporarily attached to first hatched silkie.

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    Last night we were (honestly) really surprised to hear chirping when rotating the eggs. After about 20
    Minutes and some frantic googling, we saw that it had poked through and could see a beak. We saw everyone say not to rush it, so we went to bed only to be woken up at 3 am by loud peeping and saw that the chick had broken out but was dragging some of the egg. It looked like what is probably the remnant of the yolk, and just wasn't sure if this was a normal thing not unlike our umbilical cord and needs to snap.

    After some video recording, the chick freed itself and is now stumbling around falling a lot. In the shell we saw very clear indication of something shriveled. I know the yolk is supposedly absorbed shortly before emerging, just hoping the remaining tissue in there is normal and not evidence of incomplete development.

    Thanks folks!

    Video attached
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    Hi there :frow

    Your chick should be fine it was just attached by it's umbilical to the shell. This can sometimes happen when they hatch. Some hatch gunk is also quite normal post hatch. If the chick still has some of the umbilical attached it should dry up and fall off of its own accord. Please don't be tempted to pull the cord as this can cause a rupture through the umbilical area.

    Congrats on your new chicks and I hope by now you have some more :D

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