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    Why haven't the EE's been standardised and recognised? You'd think as poupular as they are there would be a breed club working on them.
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    to be a breed and standardize you have to be able to breed one variety true 50% or more of the time EE's usually dont breed true because of their very mixed backround!!
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    takes a lot of interested people, a lot of discussion and debate as to what you want to set as your standard, a lot of sheer will and cant give up, bird has to have something to ofer from a colored egg to meat quality or just ornamental.

    think of this, just a hundred years ago the search for perfection and interest in poultry was huge,today there are a lot of people who think that chcicken grows under plastic wrap at the grocery store. they are more interested in their text messages than a chicken. that is a fact that very few birds have been entered into the standard in recent years if even any. commercial factory farmsand loss of interest in modern times is really a same.

    several birds fell out of favor and just went extinct and a few hard core chicken lovers are trying to bring them back using the origional birds used to creat them in the first place. there is a man in europe is trying to re-create one now, havn read his blog in a while so not sre how hes making out but he was getting frustrated but thats just part of it.

    it takes a long tme to get a bird in.
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