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    I had a rooster that was a banty silkie mix. He was about 5 years old. Last week he started limping and holding one foot up. I thought he may have hurt it flying down off of the coup as I let them out of the pen during the day. He and his one hen have always stuck to themselves, really nice chickens, also in different pens from my others. Well it just got worse and I noticed his comb and wattle got pale . He still ate and drank. I found him dead in the pen. Now I have another rooster which is limping and rather dottery. He has bloody spots on his head and I think he was fighting the other rooster I have. Now since he is acting similar to the one that died I don't know what to think. He now mostly sits on his haunches, but will hop around if you walk up to him. The rest of the chickens are fine. They are cochins. this other rooster is the son of the one that died. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on, or could it be a coincidence that they both injured their legs. I wouldn't think that would have killed the old guy. By the way what is the average lifespan of chickens . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't know what the symptoms are of bird flu. Thanks Donna
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    Ok, so if he is limping, check the bottom of their feet to see if they have bumble foot or the like. It is possible that if these are two semi isolated cases or also since they were related, they were more susceptible to foot injuries that could have gotten infected and took over their immune systems. Roosters are heavier footed than hens so any little wound on the pads can get infected. Chickens can live 10 or so if not longer years when kept properly. Don't know what else to say. Good luck.

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