somethings lurking.....


10 Years
Aug 29, 2009
Pilesgrove, NJ
I went out to lock up my chickens tonight after dark, and i heard something scatter through the woods. it sounded small but lumbery. I figure a cat would be more light footed?

I have never had a problem with walking predators, would a raccoon just show up all of a sudden? i did just move my 6 wk old babies out to the coop a few days ago.....

If it is a raccoon, am i pretty much screwed? My pen is not fort knox.
Yep get em now before they get your birds. Its called preemptive trapping
Likely a coon or possum since you mentioned after dark.
Set a/some traps around the perimeter of your coop/runs and you should catch the predator. Don't be shy since its a kill or be killed situation.
They will get to your flock unless you secure your coop and runs, even then you should set traps in an irregular pattern.
They are so young, can you bring them back in until you can protect their sleeping space better?
seems a shame to leave them out there with something lurking and it not being really safe yet.
good luck
For a long term solution, you will need to secure their coop. There will always be more raccoons to take the place of any that are killed.

I'd bring the little guys in until their coop is secured.
It could be any type of preditor out at night.

As said above, even if you trap the one you heard, there are ALWAYS going to be preditors wanting to eat your chickens and it's up to you to do your best to protect them the best you can.

Good thing you heard something out there so you can preditor proof your coop before you have any KILLED.

I'd bring them back too.
thanks for all the advice. honestly, im wondering if it was just a squirrell....

theres not much i can do to my pen at the moment, i mean, its safe, but its not like the wire is set into the ground or anything like that. I think i will try to set a trap out and see what happens. I've never had any problem with night predators, only hawks...

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